Respect your skin. Choose cotton.

For sensitive skin

Women have told us over and over their skin is sensitive. They suffer rashes, irritation and other problems. We wanted to find a way to make women with sensitive skin more comfortable. With the Cottony line of pure cotton incontinence pads, women with sensitive skin now have a brand they can depend on, something more soothing to sensitive skin. Several studies have shown cotton is effective in treating and preventing skin irritation and redness. If you have sensitive skin, Cottony is the answer.
  1. Natural
    Since Cottony is made with pure cotton, there is nothing artificial, nothing man-made, only pure and natural fibers as nature intended.
  2. Hypoallergenic
    For anyone with allergies or sensitive skin, pure cotton can make a big difference. Why? Cotton is both hypo-allergenic and compatible with skin pH.
  3. Absorbent
    Did you know cotton can absorb up to 10-times its weight in water? And the breathable protection layer can prevent leaks.
  4. Soft and gentle
    Rather than rubbing against your skin, the pure cotton in Cottony incontinence pads caresses and embraces your skin. Cottony actually feels good.